About Me

Jonathan is a passionate AI enthusiast and the main editor behind ‘SimplifyTheAI’. With a deep-rooted interest in writing and all things science fiction, they have dedicated themselves to exploring the vast possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The website serves as a comprehensive resource for AI-related news, insightful guides, tutorials and engaging articles on the history of AI and large language models (LLMs).

Through SimplifyTheAI, Jonathan aims to break down the barriers of complex AI concepts and makes them accessible to individuals from all backgrounds. They firmly believe in democratising knowledge and providing inclusive education, ensuring that everyone can grasp the potential impact of AI on their lives.

Join Jonathan on their journey as they share the latest developments in AI, explore its transformative power, and shed light on its historical significance. SimplifyTheAI is a platform where curiosity meets understanding, to find ways to enhance their own lives through artificial intelligence.

We never use AI to write our content but we do use Midjourney to generate our blog images to ensure we provide unique imagery throughout the site.

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