Crafting an about me section for LinkedIn might be boring for some, or you haven’t really changed it much over the years and have yet to see the need for the change. However, ChatGPT can create surprisingly good summaries that can definitely help you gain the edge if you’re looking to apply for a new role. It’s quick and easy and will only take a few moments in your day. Let’s begin.

What is ChatGPT?

Before we delve into this marvellous new technology, we first need to quickly understand what ChatGPT is. Well, to go into very basic detail, it’s an extremely advanced chatbot. It is an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI designed to generate human-like text based on the prompt it’s given (more on that later on).

To summarise, you type a message and it responds in a way that’s remarkably human. Its capabilities range from answering questions, writing essays, summarizing large chunks of text, and can even generate song lyrics if you so wish. While ChatGPT is still a work in progress and AI is relatively new in our world, it is far from perfect. It can sometimes provide nonsensical answers, but not to worry, for what we need it for in this task, it’s perfect.

What are the benefits of using ChatGPT for LinkedIn?

Although we are going to get into detail on how to use the tool for creating a LinkedIn headline, there are also other ways you can utilise this ai technology to streamline your LinkedIn workflow.

Sending a message to a recruiter or manager: This is a great way to get a starting point if you want to send a quick message to a recruiter or manager you just had an interview for. A simple prompt that follows: “I want you to create a 75-word thank you message for [Recruiter] thanking their time during the interview for [Company Name] Personally, I would advise against this or tweak it heavily, as the language that chatGPT uses can be easily spotted and if a hiring manager can easily read that the message is ai based, I don’t think they will be too impressed. Use this method as a starting point to get out of writer’s block.

ChatGPT Thank you message example
This was made using ChatGPT-3.5

Creating a LinkedIn Headline: This is an area of LinkedIn that quite a significant amount of users touch after creating their initial profile, and they are missing out on a considerable amount of potential profile views by doing this correctly. Since recruiters see the headline of a profile first when doing a search, you want to stand out as much as you can by appearing enticing and also appealing to LinkedIn’s version of SEO via the keywords you’ll insert in your new headline. Luckily, chatGPT is great for this, and all you have to do is create a prompt by saying “Give me 5 options for my LinkedIn Headline for a [role] using this formula: Title | Keywords & Skills | Tagline”. Not happy with the 5 suggestions, do not worry, just keep asking until you get one you are happy with.

LinkedIn Headline ChatGPT example.
If you have access to the paid 4.0 model, use that to get even greater results

How to Create the ‘About Me’ Section:

Now that you have an account and are ready to start crafting your new and improved about me section for LinkedIn, for a starting point, all you have to do is state the following prompt “Write a professional summary using my work experience and include my total experience, the keyword [insert keyword] and ensure it is within 150 words“. After you state the word limit, shift + enter to add another line, and then paste in your up-to-date CV or resume.

About me chat-gpt example
Sometimes chat-gpt can forget the word limit, just remind it that you require it to be 150 words and it will generate another that is within that word limit.


There you have it, a quick and effective way to introduce ChatGPT into your LinkedIn workflow and have it streamline and optimise that area of your life. Of course, with anything chat-gpt related, you want to ensure that whatever it is producing is factually correct. Proofreading is incredibly important, as you do not want this tool to undermine your credibility by showcasing false information!

Looking for more ways to boost your productivity with ChatGPT? Have a look at our guide on generating blog post ideas with ChatGPT or if you’re looking for your next book, why not take a look at our guide on using ChatGPT to help find your next book?

FAQs about Using ChatGPT for LinkedIn:

Why is it good to optimise your LinkedIn Profile?

In the modern work world, a LinkedIn profile is incredibly important and essential for online networking. The site allows you to bolster your professional credibility and personal brand. It is also an extremely effective way of getting a job. An optimised LinkedIn profile allows you to get more recruiters searching your profile, which means a higher chance of getting a new role.

Can ChatGPT write a LinkedIn Summary?

ChatGPT can easily generate a draft for your LinkedIn summary that you can expand on. Remember though, the more specific you get with your prompt and the more details you provide, the better the end result. Allow it to create a final version that is a true representative of you. However, ensure you do fine-tune the final draft and ensure there are no mistakes or false statements.

How do I use ChatGPT for LinkedIn?

As previously mentioned, you can use ChatGPT for a wide range of functions on LinkedIn. You can use it to construct your bio, it can be helpful for constructing and formulating your notable accomplishments, creating an enticing Linkedin headline, and even composing messages and comments.

However, as we have already stressed before, please ensure you fact-check and tweak any content that is produced by chat-gpt to ensure it is accurate and a representation of you.